Wednesday, November 10, 2004

take it back

I've rarely, if ever, sent back food in a restaurant. The only time I can recall was in March or April 2003, I was at a conference in Chico, CA, and two friends and I went to a nice steakhouse. I ordered a porterhouse medium rare and it arrived well done. It was a nice steakhouse, so we were paying premium (maybe $35-40 for the steak), so I sent it back. Thankfully it came back right. Fortunately, they even let me keep the other (over-done) steak too. That's the kind of service I appreciate.

Anyway, I take it back, because the CPK caesar salad dressing actually turned out OK. The problem was that I was making it in a mini food-processor, and I think it didn't emulsify the oil sufficiently. Today I reblended it in our nice Waring Pro bar blender & it turned out nice & creamy. Unfortunately I had "adulterated" it yesterday with additional ingredients because I didn't think it tasted right, so I'll have to make it again to see what it "really" tastes like; I think it will be dead-on. Incidentally, I did a taste test between the Wolfgang Puck recipe & the CPK dressing recipe with Beckey, & she liked the CPK one better. So pizza, caesar salad, and I spent the rest of my evening disassembling CD's from their cases into soft-side multi-CD storage cases to reduce the physical size of my CD collection.

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