Monday, November 08, 2004

favorite eats in L.A.

Tortilla encrusted chicken at Authentic Cafe
Chicken sandwich with fontina at Kings Road cafe
Steak sandwiches at Yuca's
Rib eye at Grace
Any steak at Arnie Morton's, but especially rib eye
Kingburgers "on the char" at Fatburger
Double-Doubles animal-style at In-N-Out with extra tomatoes
Baja burritos with gigantic mounds of pico de gallo and spicy salsa at Baja Fresh
Caesar Salad and BBQ Chicken Pizza at CPK
"Dim Sum and Then Sum" meal at Chin Chin
Crispy Orange Beef at The Inn Place
Wienerschnitzel at the Red Lion
Pastrami sandwich at Togo's
Pastrami sandwich at Oinkster (added 2007-09-11)
Chicken wings, hot & extra crispy at Hot Wings Cafe (Melrose!)
Hot dogs or chili burgers at Pink's
Chili burgers and chili fries at Tommy's
Chili burgers and chili fries at Big Tomy's (Sawtelle)
Eggplant pizza at Mulberry St. Pizza (Beverly Hills)
Chicken crepes at the Farmer's Market
Waffle Combo or breakfast burrito at Uncle Bill's Pancake House
Breakfast Burrito or "French Quarter" at the Kettle
Pepperoni & garlic pizza at Tower Pizza or Wildflour
Chinese Chicken Salad or Blackened Chicken Sandwich at Cheesecake Factory
Bread from La Brea Bakery or Il Fornaio

boy...I am hungry today!

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