Monday, November 08, 2004

L.A. Restaurants I Miss

Thank goodness there are still some great restaurants in Los Angeles. I few I miss are these:

Gone L.A. Restaurants

Red. Now in the location of Opaline on Beverly Blvd. Red had a combination 1950's retro decor plus a Moroccan tinge. Lots of deep primary colors inside. Great meatloaf, excellent mixed green salad with vinaigrette & goat cheese, tasty vegetarian burger with crispy skinny fries. I also liked how they served wine in stainless tumblers. Not cheap but I enjoyed it.

Boxer. A tasty eaterie on Beverly Drive. I remember eating a delicious rabbit dish, and then some kind of dessert with candied lavender leaves which I thought was amazing.

South Bay Fusion. A smallish place in Hermosa/Manhattan Beach. I had 2 or 3 memorable meals there, back when fusion food really was popular in the mid 1990s. Great bread, all was decorated in white. I remember having some kind of pasta with squid ink or somesuch dish that was outstanding. Oh, and their crabcakes were phenomenal, I would order them everytime.

Great L.A. Restaurants

Grace (Beverly Blvd.) Tasty olives at the bar, great beef tartar appetizer, and one of the best rib-eyes of my life. The dessert was two mini carmel coated apples and some kind of deep-fried ice cream of some sort.

Saddle Peak Lodge (Malibu). What can I say? I had elk tenderloin and it was amazing. The setting is beautiful too.

Authentic Cafe (Beverly Blvd). Their tortilla encrusted chicken with plaintains is a favorite, I rarely get anything else; so are their corn tamales with guacamole. I even bought Roger Hayot's Authentic Cafe cookbook, and was really disappointed that the tortilla encrusted chicken wasn't listed there.

Mandarette (Beverly Blvd) . Went with my mom once for a birthday or Mother's Day or something. Happened to order the special of the day, which was a lobster stir-fry with green beans and a spicy sauce that was ridiculously good.

Spago (Beverly Hills). One of the best meals of my lifetime. First time I had oysters, and they were excellent. "Wolfie" even stopped by our table to check on us. Truly a magnificent dining experience, and a very memorable meal.

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