Thursday, November 04, 2004


I hate Quizno's subs, but their slogan fits, because I have found a brand of great tasting toasted sesame oil.

Spectrum Organics makes a Toasted Organic Unrefined sesame oil which is the best I've ever tasted. I've never tried the Kadoya brand (which I've heard is supposed to be good), but most of the toasted sesame oil I've found in supermarkets in the Asian foods section tastes either burnt or rancid. Shirakiku brand I found to be awful.

Anyway, I bought some of this a week or two ago at Lassen's Health Foods in Camarillo. It wasn't cheap ($4.39 for an 8oz bottle) but worth it. It still has a slight toasted, smoky flavor but tastes very clean and smooth to my palate, not burnt or rancid. It'd be nice if they sold their product online somewhere.

But back to subs...I find Togo's to make the best sandwiches. I love their pastrami sandwich on wheat: the bread is tasty, lots of pastrami, a nice kick with some pepperoncinis, and maybe a bad of Mrs. Vickie's Salt & Vinegar potato chips. One unfortunate policy of Togo's is weighing their sandwiches when they add meat. I like it when the sandwich makers are more flexible, makes for a better tasting sandwich, even if it cuts into the bottom line somewhat.

My cousin used to work for Togos, and did tell me about another unfortunate policy several years ago where the management would require employees to throw out meats like pastrami at the end of the day into the trash, even though it was perfectly edible. My cousin even told me that the managers would watch the employees throw it in the trash, so they wouldn't take it home. That's just so wasteful: why not let the employees eat, or at least make the leftover food available to homeless shelters? How sad. Regardless of their policies, I still think Togo's sandwiches taste so much better than Subway or Quigglers, I mean Quizzy's...what? I mean Quizno's.

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