Sunday, April 24, 2016

Seattle eats

I've been touring Seattle this weekend, it's been fun! Weather cooperated and got to see and taste a lot. 

Lots of great rock and roll memorabilia at the EMP museum. They had a great Nirvana exhibit. 

Today I went to Capitol Hill to see the Jimi Hendrix statue, which was conveniently across from the Broadway farmers market, held every Sunday. Saw some nice produce, prepared foods and mushrooms! Too bad I'm traveling, no room!  

BTW Jimi is not the only rocker represented. No more than a block or so away, there's a less known bronze statue of Chuck Berry in Seattle, doing his "duck walk", at 1641 Nagle Pl, Seattle, WA. It's in front of the Broadway Building Apartments, on the west edge of Cal Anderson park. I came across it while wandering in Seattle today and couldn't figure out exactly who it was. 

Enjoyed some great shellfish at Taylor Shellfish today, including geoduck clam, which I thought was mediocre. Yes it's unusual but frankly it's more textural (think cartilage) than flavorful. On the right, siphon meat, on the left, belly meat. Belly was surprisingly creamy but crunchy. Siphon was all crunchy chew. 

Enjoyed the Fig N Pig burger at Lil Woody's, which was wonderful. The big dollop of sweet and tangy balsamic fig jam, Gorgonzola blue cheese and thick bacon strips all work very well together.