Monday, May 17, 2010

BBQ pork pizza

Yeast pizza dough #5, with toppings: leftover room-temp carnitas sauced in bullseye BBQ sauce, jack n mozzarella cheese, extra bbq sauce, onions in balsamic vinegar, more cheese, cilantro,good olive oil.

I think it's key to have meat, sauce and other ingredients at room temp prior to baking, to make sure it bakes evenly and quickly.

Before, shaped, and ready to go in the oven:

5 minutes later after baking at 550F, on pizza stone on middle rack, rotated halfway thru, totally done:

Nice browning of crust. Was easy to shape after 31 hours in the fridge.

Looks like a winner! :) This is a slightly wheatier pizza dough.

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