Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Years Day party wrap up

Final menu, for what turned out to be 11 guests:
  1. Lamb meatballs with greek yogurt (about 30)
  2. Stuffed mushrooms (about 25)
  3. TJ Goat cheese/caramelized onion puff pastries (2 boxes)
  4. Home-baked crostini + tomato/fennel sauce (about 15)
  5. Bacon-wrapped dates (20 pcs)
  6. Bratwurst with Dijon mustard (6 brats)
  7. 1 small veg plate (the smallest one)
  8. 3 apples, sliced
  9. Cheesecake
  1. Make 30 meatballs, which was more than enough. Seemed OK. Plenty left over. Good thing they reheat well and taste delicious on flatbread! People barely touched the yogurt sauce.
  2. Stuffed mushrooms were really easy and a hit; only one of about 25 left. A good vegetarian offering; several folks asked how I made them.
  3. TJ pastries always go fast!
  4. Crostinis with tomato spread all went, and then later, hungry Catchphrase players devoured the remaining crostini's w/o anything
  5. 6 brats were perfect for the 11 or so people we had; no leftovers!
  6. I'm happy I didn't do the tri-tip, was unnecessary; likewise, the pizza/flatbread would've been too much too.
  7. 3 apples were perfect; any more people, 6 would have been better. These were all gone.
  8. Veg tray was almost all gone.
  9. Forgot to serve the cheesecake!
  10. Get some Stevia, SweetNLow, or Splenda for those that don't use sugar with coffee (like Perry)
  11. I think the 2-5pm was a good time on New Years Day, was fun! Some stayed later, which was OK.

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