Thursday, April 28, 2011

Loaf sizes

Some standard dough ball sizes that I use when I bake:

Personal pizza, CPK size: 175-200g
14" pizza, thin crust, NYC style: 450g
14" pizza, medium "american" crust (PapaJohn) style: 525-575g
16" pizza, thin crust, NYC style: 600g
16" pizza, medium "american" crust (PapaJohn) style: 650-675g
Regular free-form loaf (boule) of sourdough: 1000g
Small free-form loaf (boule): 750g
"Standard" lean loaf-pan loaf (9.25" x5.25"x2.75"): 800g
Burger & hot dog buns: 92g
Small soft dinner roll: 48g
6"/7" hoagie/sandwich roll: 113g
12" hoagie/sandwich roll: 227g
Demi-baguette, Cheesecake Factory size: 250g
Large pretzel: 155g
Pita: 105g
Cuban bread loaf: 400g
Raisin Bagel: 96g

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