Wednesday, November 25, 2009

gettin turkey ready

preparations are being made for thanksgiving. then the question of "what do I do with leftovers" inevitably arises. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Turkey pot pie
  2. Turkey soup/stock
  3. Tortilla soup with corn and turkey
  4. Crepes with turkey
  5. Mashed potato cakes with creamy mushroom sauce
  6. German dumplings (made with leftover mashers), turkey and gravy.
  7. Homemade wide pasta noodles with brussels sprouts.
  8. Turkey enchiladas
  9. "Pulled turkey" tacos in red chile sauce
  10. Turkey tamales in red chile sauce
  11. Plum tart (not related, but I've got plums in the fridge)
There was one more but I forgot.

We bought a 23 lb. bird last night at Costco, Foster Farms, .89c per lb. We will have our biggest Thanksgiving group here so far (6 people). I hope the bird defrosts in time!

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