Saturday, November 15, 2008


Spent some time this week blending bitters, according to my own tastes/recipes; basically developing and testing recipes.

Before I started, I decided to taste all the bitters I have on hand, to get an idea of flavor profiles.

I tried to evaluate them like wine: the nose, the color, the mouthfeel, taste, and finish. Here are my results

I tasted the following bitters:

  1. Fee Brothers Orange Bitters
  2. Fee Brothers Peach Bitters
  3. Fee Brothers Old Fashioned Bitters
  4. Regan's No 6. Orange Bitters
  5. Peychaud's Bitters
  6. Angostura Bitters
Fee Brothers Orange:
  • Contains some alcohol
  • Light in color
  • Orange in nose
  • Orange and sweetness on tongue; some viscosity from glycerin
  • Slight gentian/orris bitterness on finish
Fee Brother Peach Bitters

  • Contains no alcohol
  • Light/pale in color
  • Tiny peach on nose
  • Very sweet and almond + light peach on tongue; some viscosity from glycerin
  • Almond in finish
Fee Old Fashioned
  • No alcohol
  • Very dark looking, like cola
  • Lots of cinnamon + clove on nose
  • Very spicy cinnamon + clove on tongue instantly, followed by gentian bitterness on finish, pretty gentle; citrus + zest overtones; some viscosity from glycerin
  • Longer, lingering finish
Regan's No 6 Bitters
  • 45% alcohol
  • Very clear, tan tint
  • Strong alcohol and some bitter orange on nose
  • No sweetness on tongue; very thin and extremely bitter
  • Gentian and citrus zest on finish, along with floral and spicy rosemary notes
Peychaud's Bitters

  • 35% alcohol
  • Very red in color, like maraschino cherry
  • Slight anise on nose
  • No sweetness on tongue; light anise + herby flavor
  • Minimal bitterness on finish, short finish
Angostura Bitters

  • 45% alcohol
  • Dark red color, with tinge of brown
  • Strong molasses on nose, + light cinammon and "jagermeister" spices (clove, anise)
  • Almost no sweetness
  • Immediate gentian on tongue, with a bit of clove

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