Thursday, July 01, 2010

Short ribs

Kalbi! I went to the supermarket Vons today, and there was a clearance meat section with some sad greying filet and steaks. Discounted at 30-50% off...but I beheld some red shirt ribs, 2 packs. Snatched them up for a song...with discount the cross cut ones were $2 for the pack. So I threw them in a marinade:

Soy mirin scallions red pepper flakes Ginger lemon zest salt white pepper sesame oil and canola. Let them marinate from 1230 to 6pm.

Then on the grill over high heat:

After 8 minutes (about 6 on one side, 2 on the other)

From the grill to the plate. With some brown rice and some sugar snaps from the farmar, stir fried in a tbsp or two of the marinade.

Mmm. The taste of short ribs is incredible.

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