Monday, August 24, 2009

back from France

Had some great food, especially at Le Montrachet for lunch, incredible (but expensive - 190Euro) meal: 3 course lunch menu, with several amuse bouche & palate cleansers. Yum.

And the wine, ooohhhh...I love Puligny-Montrachet. We had either one of these (I don't know which one, I do know it was a 2007 Puligny-Montrachet):

Premier cru - François Carillon PULIGNY MONTRACHET « Les Folatières » 2007
Villages - Pascal PULIGNY MONTRACHET 2007
Villages - François Carillon PULIGNY MONTRACHET 2007

We also had
Marc Morey CHASSAGNE MONTRACHET « Morgeot » 2005, which was a nice red

Their current wine list is available online

On my last night in France, had andouillette, a grilled tripe sausage, at a bouchon called "Les Lyonnais" in Lyon. Despite others complaints about andouilette being stinky, I thought it was totally delicious and not stinky at all, in fact, very herby. I didn't know the interior of the sausage was tripe, but it was herby, garlicky and delicious.

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